Our team

CataCap has a highly operational team with significant industrial experience.

Besides the team, CataCap work with six senior Operating Partners with bespoke expertise, and a group of result-driven development partners working as an extended arm of our company.

Operating Partners

CataCap works actively to achieve increased diversity in our portfolio companies as well as the CataCap team. We do not discriminate with respect to age, disability, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and/or sexual orientation.

In relation to CataCap Management A/S, we have adopted a policy for diversity in the board of directors to ensure our commitment to a diverse board of directors with at least two genders represented. Subject to the policy, appointment of directors will take into consideration the combination of depths of experience, skills and knowledge. When electing new members to the board of directors, among equally competent candidates, the interest of ensuring diversity within the board of directors shall be considered carefully and be a key decision criterion.

Currently, CataCap operates with a board of three directors, one female director and two male directors, who jointly possess the necessary range of skills. The directors have different geographic and educational backgrounds and different areas of expertise.

In relation to our portfolio companies, please see our section on responsibility