CataCap is not an ordinary private equity firm.

We exist to generate returns by identifying unique people and businesses and growing together for a lasting impact.

We take active ownership, foster winning teams and catalyse growth to create value for people, businesses and investors that endures beyond our time as owners.

Our story so far

Our story began in 2012 with a group of entrepreneurial spirits who envisioned an ownership model of developing businesses with a hands-on approach anchored in industrial expertise. From the belief that businesses grow through partnerships, we decided to prove the value of investments made with a systematic operational method and a human touch.

What started as a bold belief in catalysing transformation beyond capital has developed into a strong and diverse portfolio of partnerships with extraordinary people and organisations.

By merging the traditions of private equity with our operational approach, we invest to unlock the full potential of the unique business models we identify. Shoulder-to-shoulder, we work with leadership teams to transform big ambitions into big success stories.

At CataCap, we have a founder’s mentality, because we ourselves founded our business.

At CataCap, we have a founder’s mentality, because we ourselves founded our business from scratch with a clear set of principles.

Armed with a down-to-earth approach, we insist on meeting everyone we interact with in a direct, informal and collaborative manner.

The chemistry we seek in all stakeholder relations is evident from the definition of a catalyst: An agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.

Our virtues

We aspire to expand the sense of purpose in all the companies we engage with.

Together, we are guided by our five fundamental virtues, which we strive to live by.

Each and every day.

Driven by Ambition

We don’t believe in waiting for things to change, but in big aspirations backed by know-how and persistent action.

Results through Engagement

We don’t believe in luck, but in great results through passion and close involvement.

Spirit of Entrepreneurs

We don’t believe in business as usual, but in the power of logic and creativity to unlock opportunities.

Mind of Straightforwardness

We don’t believe in pedestals, but in treating everyone with equal respect and letting the best argument win.

Together as a Team

We don’t believe extraordinary results are created alone, but in the motivation of a shared purpose, co-creation, and having fun along the way.

Funds and investors

CataCap has a solid base of institutional and private investors from Denmark and abroad.

CataCap I

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CataCap II

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CataCap is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM)

CataCap Management A/S is licensed by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (the “DFSA”) to operate as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) in accordance with the Danish Alternative Investment Fund Managers Act. Accordingly, CataCap Management A/S is subject to supervision by the DFSA. CataCap Management A/S’ FTID is 23029.

CataCap Management A/S has appointed Apex (Denmark) ApS (CVR no. 35482733) as depositary for all CataCap funds.