Why partner with CataCap?

Beyond Capital is a philosophy and a belief that is central to our DNA.

Beyond Capital

Our philosophy stems from a passion for building better businesses. We work collaboratively with companies to establish a clear growth plan, enhance operational productivity, develop leadership and management capabilities, build robust financial processes, and incorporate ESG into the process.

A combination of capital, capability and collaboration transforms big ambitions into great success.

We get the founder’s mentality

It takes a lot to grow a business. And after years of long hours and hard work, it’s important to work with an investment partner that ‘gets it’.

At CataCap, we get the founder’s mentality because we ourselves founded our business. Our approach is direct, informal and collaborative, and we have great respect for what you’ve built. As founders, funders and experienced partners, we work with you to unlock a major change in growth.


Better results come when we work together. Our approach is hands-on and collaborative, working with founders and management teams towards the same goal. Successful partnerships are built on strong foundations. That’s why we prioritise trust, transparency and leadership with all the companies in which we invest.

With strong fundamentals, we can work together towards a sustainable and profitable major change in growth.

Transforming operations

A significant change in scale requires a significant change in operations. Our approach focuses on building the right systems, processes and infrastructure to support significant change and sustainable growth going forward.

Drawing on decades of operational expertise (both within industry, and as private equity partners), and the specialist assistance of our partners, we focus on developing an operational infrastructure that’s ready to scale up.

At CataCap, we combine classic private equity with a systematic approach to value creation – from classical disciplines such as business development and governance, to leadership development and employee motivation. All with the purpose of catalysing growth that endures beyond our ownership period.