Jens Hahn-Petersen

Partner & Member of The Investment Committee

Jens started CataCap in 2012 with Vilhelm and Peter. When he’s not advising and working with portfolio companies, he enjoys sailing, travelling and exploring architecture and ancient cities of Europe with his wife and three children.

Jens began his career at Danske Bank, where his team was responsible for building Danske Bank’s new M&A franchise. He later joined the management team of Alfred Berg (a leading Nordic investment bank owned by ABN AMRO), where he leveraged his experience and network in the Danish business community to advise international investors. Drawing on 20+ years of experience as an investment banker, Jens has been involved in all types of transactions and strategic advisory services across different sectors, company structures and sizes – both in Denmark and across the globe.

Jens is a board member in Group Online.

He holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School and an MBA from the University of Washington, Seattle, USA.