New CEO of TP Aerospace

14 December 2021|

Co-founder and CEO Peter Lyager will step down as executive director of TP Aerospace and transition to a non-executive position in the company’s Board of Directors. Nikolaj Jacobsen, who joined TP Aerospace as CFO in 2018, has been appointed new CEO of the company alongside President and co-founder Thomas Ibsø.

New CEO of AerFin

23 November 2021|

AerFin Board of Directors has appointed Simon Goodson as new Chief Executive Officer, replacing founder and current CEO Bob James. Bob James will remain invested in the business and transition to Non-Executive Director as part of the company’s agreed succession planning. Simon Goodson will join the business on 1 December 2021.

CataCap sells LanguageWire to international PE fund

20 August 2021|

CataCap sells LanguageWire, which has now taken a leading position in the market for translation solutions. Add-on acquisitions, strengthened management and integration of artificial intelligence in the product have been the driving forces in the transformation. With the sale, CataCap steps out of the ownership, and the international private equity fund Bridgepoint becomes the new majority owner.

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