Growing together
Beyond our time
as owners

CataCap is not an ordinary private equity firm.

We exist to generate returns by identifying unique people and businesses and growing together for a lasting impact.

We take active ownership, foster winning teams and catalyse growth to create value for people, businesses and investors that endures beyond our time as owners.

With a relentless focus on catalysing transformations beyond capital, we will continue to push the boundaries of traditional private equity.

We are CataCap and we deliver lasting value for people, businesses, and investors.

cat·​a·​lyst [ka-tə-ləst]

An agent that significantly provokes or speeds up change or action

Cat​·a·​Cap [ka-tə-cap]

Where Catalyst meets Capital and Capability

Our Virtues

We aspire to expand the sense of purpose in all the companies we engage with.

Together, we are guided by our five fundamental virtues, which we strive to live by.

Each and every day.

Driven by Ambition

We don’t believe in waiting for things to change, but in big aspirations backed by know-how and persistent action.

Results through Engagement

We don’t believe in luck, but in great results through passion and close involvement.

Spirit of Entrepreneurs

We don’t believe in waiting for things to change, but in big aspirations backed by know-how and persistent action.

Mind of Straightforwardness

We don’t believe in pedestals, but in treating everyone with equal respect and letting the best argument win.

Together as a Team

We don’t believe extraordinary results are created alone, but in the motivation of a shared purpose, co-creation, and having fun along the way.

Fast facts


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Capital committed


Total portfolio revenue


Average annual portfolio revenue growth (CAGR) from entry to 2021

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Employees in the portfolio companies

Why partner with us

We work with companies to establish a clear growth plan, enhance operational productivity, develop leadership and management capabilities, build robust financial processes, and incorporate ESG into the process.

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Investment focus

We invest in companies with high growth potential, innovative business models and ambitious leadership teams.

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Our companies

We have invested in 9 current platform companies across three funds.

Our companies have seen average annual growth in revenue of 20 % from acquisition to 2021.

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We live REKOM – every day, all day – and the chemistry with the CataCap team was spot on from the very first meeting.

Adam Falbert, Founder & CEO, REKOM

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