Whistleblower channel

Reporting of potential irregularities

All employees and other stakeholders of CataCap are encouraged to report suspected breaches of laws and regulations that applies to CataCap as well as any other types of serious internal and external misconduct in the opinion of the whistleblower.

Serious breaches and misconduct may include activity that is deemed illegal, unethical or incorrect in accordance with CataCap’s internal regulations such as policies and procedures as well as external laws and regulations. Both actual and potential breaches/misconduct should be reported.

Accordingly, CataCap’s whistle-blower hotline provides a channel for reporting on inter alia:

  • Criminal offences
  • Violations of the law
  • Violations of significant internal regulations
  • Serious conflicts in the workplace and harassment
  • Other types of misconduct

Whistleblowing may, however, not be used to report regular discontent or used in any way to spread rumours or to discredit employees within CataCap. CataCap’s whistleblower hotline does not cover minor violations of internal guidelines and processes and less serious conflicts in the workplace e.g. sickness absences, use of office supplies, general disagreements with management, disagreements regarding terms of employment, contract and pay conditions.

Any reports will be received and handled by our whistleblower manager, who is an impartial person appointed by the Board of Directors.

Anonymity and personal data

You may choose to be anonymous when reporting to CataCap’s whistleblower hotline. However, to ensure all allegations are handled the best way possible, we encourage you to provide contact information in order to be able to communicate with you. At your request, your identity can remain known only to the whistleblower manager.

To ensure your anonymity, the report will bypass our webpage’s database, so no IP address or any other user data will be logged.

If you provide any personally identifiable information, your information will be handled in accordance with data protection regulation. For further information about CataCap’s handling of personal data in general, please refer to our privacy policy.

If you wish to remain anonymous, ensure that you do not provide your name, email, telephone number or other personally identifiable information. Be aware when uploading files, including documents, videos, photos etc, that you do not unintentionally provide information about your identity.

Please provide as much information as possible

We encourage you to provide as much information and as many facts about the breach or misconduct as possible e.g., facts concerning the processes, requirements, people involved, It-systems used etc. You can upload factual evidence about the breach using the below uploading feature.


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