Lyngsoe Systems to acquire P.V. Supa Group

13 January 2021

Lyngsoe Systems A/S Library Business Unit has signed an agreement to acquire Finnish-based P.V. Supa and its related companies in UK (2CQR) and US (P.V. Supa Inc.).

CEO of Lyngsoe Systems, Villads Thomsen, comments:

This acquisition will be transformational for both companies and bring added benefits to our existing as well as new customers. With our combined capabilities, complementary solutions, and not least shared customer values – we will to an even higher degree deliver on our ambition to work for smarter libraries of the future.

Building on 50 years of combined experience serving the librarian, second-to-none innovative capabilities based on the Scandinavian design heritage and undisputable customer dedication, unifying two of the Library market’s leading players into one strong entity will deliver new complementary solutions and services to libraries across the world and an even stronger support to the large existing customer base.

Janne Gertsch, Managing Director of P.V. Supa says:

Together the two companies will build on an amazing legacy and provide exciting opportunities for our customers as well as employees. We look very much forward to embark on this journey together with our new colleagues”.

Philip Farrell, Managing Director of 2CQR adds:

2CQR has been a fundamental part of P.V. Supa’s growth journey during the past years and thus the synergies with Lyngsoe are many”.

Cory McCoy, President of Lyngsoe Systems’ subsidiary and Pekka Vaisanen, President of P.V. Supa Inc. both comment:

What excites us the most about bringing these two like-minded companies together is the many years of experience and expertise that both companies have providing innovative world class products and customer support to libraries. Combining both companies’ amazing staff and products will create a powerhouse that will raise our company to new levels of customer support and product design, which is and will always be our top priority.

Group Business Unit Director Henrik Kjeldgaard concludes:

In a world where the societal role of the libraries is as important as ever before – we are on a continuous quest to support libraries in being and remaining indispensable to their communities. Our work is driven by the desire to help libraries automate their physical processes and free up time for truly creating a unique value to their patrons. We call it: Working for Smarter Libraries. With P.V. Supa we have found like-minded people and the missing link that will truly help us achieve our vision of supporting forward-thinking libraries making knowledge and welcoming spaces available to communities across the globe.

Both brands will for the time being continue to operate independently, however with the aim of merging activities within the nearest future. The new company will be headquartered in Aars, Denmark.

Rasmus Lokvig, partner
+45 23 43 25 74

P.V. Supa
or +45 96 980 980

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About Lyngsoe Systems
Solutions for a wide range of complex logistics chain environments within the library, airport, postal, supply chain and healthcare markets. The company has been designing, installing and maintaining control and track-and-trace systems for more than 40 years and are leaders within the radio frequency identification (RFID) technology market with more than 5,000 installations worldwide in more than 60 countries.

About P.V. Supa
P.V. Supa is one of the leading library solution providers and manufacturers of the world. For more than 20 years, the company has developed and provided self-service applications, automated material handling systems and RFID applications exclusively for the library sector. Headquartered in Finland, P.V. Supa has serviced libraries in over 37 countries as a complete library system integrator. P.V. Supa Group includes P.V. Supa Oy (Finland), P.V. Supa Inc. (USA) and 2CQR (UK).