19 March 2019

LanguageWire acquires FrontLab

Less than a year after CataCap acquired the majority stake in LanguageWire, the latter has acquired 100% of the shares in Frontlab, further strengthening LanguageWire’s position as a technology advocate in the language and translation industry.


LanguageWire has today acquired 100% of the shares in Frontlab ApS, thereby acquiring all assets in Frontlab. The acquisition highlights LanguageWire’s goal, with CataCap behind it, to continually invest in technological solutions and to create the ultimate software platform for optimising customers’ workflows.

The acquisition of Frontlab further strengthens LanguageWire’s position in global localisation services and also secures the company a leading position in a USD 40 billion+ market. For LanguageWire’s customers, the acquisition means even greater opportunities to streamline their workflows and make further savings.

Henrik Lottrup, CEO at LanguageWire, says: ”The companies we talk to tell us that the reality in the modern marketing department is that developing both online and offline content and getting it localised into multiple languages costs time and money. The result is often numerous proofreadings, lengthy processes and a high fail rate.”

Frontlab and LanguageWire have each developed unique cloud-based tools, which are tailored to meet the increasing need in the market for optimising content handling and distributing it on an ever-growing number of channels, with the requirement to be faster and more cost-effective than before. Frontlab’s solution will therefore form a natural part of LanguageWire’s DNA, which is rooted in being a leader in the field of technology.

A shared ambition for the acquisition is to be able to offer all LanguageWire’s and Frontlab’s customers a chance to benefit from the interaction between two specialised tools and thus optimise their current workflows. This will be achieved by integrating Frontlab’s solution as a core component in LanguageWire’s market-leading platform during the course of 2018. The integration will take place in a close collaboration between LanguageWire’s development department and Frontlab’s own team ”LanguageWire specialises in servicing enterprise customers, and part of our focus is helping marketing departments build time and resource-saving content workflows. We see a rising need to optimise processes. We firmly believe that we can make life even better and easier for our customers. We are of course proud of our acquisition, because we are not only acquiring a unique team, we also get the opportunity to bring our development teams together and to create an even better solution,”, says Lottrup.

The collaboration means that the founders of Frontlab, Ruvan Fernando and Ib Tørsleff, will join LanguageWire’s management team and will play an important role in the shared journey from here on. About the acquisition, Ib Tørslef says: ”We are convinced that, together, LanguageWire and Frontlab offer a unique solution, which will help streamline content production to customers’ global markets. Through our collaboration we look forward to further strengthening LanguageWire on the technology front and also to offering our existing customers an improved total experience”. currently serves customers such as Bosch, Weber and Danfoss.

For more information, contact:

Rasmus Lokvig, partner
Tel.: +45 71 99 19 04
E-mail: rpl@catacap.dk

Henrik Lottrup, CEO
+45 33 97 00 60
E-mail: hl@languagewire.dk