7 May 2021

CataCap sells HB-Care to Dantaxi

Having developed HB-Care into Denmark’s leading supplier of special transport services to vulnerable citizens, CataCap sells the company to Dantaxi, the largest taxi company in Denmark.


Seven years ago, CataCap acquired a majority stake in the newly merged company Handicap-Befordring (which in 2018 changed its name to HBCare) with the aim of creating a leading and nationwide operator within special transport services to vulnerable citizens. It has succeeded, and today HB-Care is Denmark’s leading supplier of special transport services to municipalities and institutions. The company, which among other help transporting disabled children to school and elderly citizens for rehabilitation, has in the seven years gone from being a regional player with a focus on the Capital Region to operating across Denmark with activities in 4 of the 5 regions.

Our focus in HB-Care has been to professionalize everything from systems, processes and the organization in order to offer our customers a good and stable service at a competitive price. We have succeeded in this in close collaboration with our skilled management team and employees and we are proud that the company is now stronger than ever” says Jens Hahn-Petersen, partner in CataCap.

During CataCap’s ownership, HB-Care has increased its revenues and market share significantly. HB-Care’s IT platform in particular has set the agenda for both the company and the market. It has provided HB-Care with an efficient operation and planning with optimal capacity utilization and at the same time made the market more transparent for customers by collecting data and documentation on all journeys.

CataCap has played a crucial role in HB-Care’s development over the past seven years. Through active ownership, they have helped the company strengthen its market position. At the same time, the focus on digitalization has meant that we are at the forefront of the market. Therefore, HB-Care has been able to develop a quality in its offering that ensures passengers a safe and secure ride, which is very important for the group of citizens with special needs that HB-Care services. Thus, we have also become an important sparring partner for our customers,” says Sonny Hoffmann Nielsen, Chairman of HB-Care’s Board of Directors.

CataCap has been assisted by ABG Sundal Collier, Horten, EY and Monitor Deloitte as advisors.

For further information please contact:

Jens Hahn-Petersen, Partner
+45 20 40 72 03,

Sonny Hoffmann Nielsen, Chairman
+ 45 70 15 38 00

About CataCap
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About HB-Care
HB-Care is the leading supplier of special transport services to municipalities and institutions in Denmark. Among other things, we help transporting disabled citizens to schools and activity centers, senior citizens to rehabilitation and day centers, as well as school and kindergarten children with special transport needs.