1 November 2019

CataCap creates market leader in digital marketing

CataCap has invested in and merged DanaWeb and Optimeo, providing digital marketing services to over 13,000 SMEs. DanaWeb and Optimeo have each experienced increasing demand for digital services from small and medium-sized companies and the merger is a natural step in the ambition to offer ever more products and services to become the natural digital marketing partner in Denmark.


The market for digital marketing services is rapidly evolving and the demand for digital visibility among small and medium-sized businesses is steadily increasing. This has led CataCap to invest in the two Danish companies, DanaWeb and Optimeo.

The market for digital marketing services is growing, and we therefore see great potential in supporting the ambitions of Kenneth Stampe at DanaWeb and Silas Ystrøm and Kuno Ystrøm at Optimeo. In addition to turbocharging the spectacular development and growth that both companies are experiencing, we can now release a large number of synergies for the benefit of customers and employees”, says Rasmus Lokvig, partner at CataCap, about the investment which is the capital fund’s 11th platform investment.

New solutions at competitive prices
Together, DanaWeb and Optimeo have a portfolio of more than 13,000 customers who can look forward to new products and innovative solutions in digital marketing. Although customers will not experience significant change in the beginning – as the two brands are maintained – both companies are convinced that the merger will create a foundation for new initiatives.

Our clients, who include both the worker and the accountant, are busy running their businesses. Therefore, it is crucial that we can offer simple and effective solutions that, for example, ensure that a carpenter’s business shows up when a potential customer searches the web. By joining forces with Optimeo, we can offer even better digital marketing solutions at competitive prices”, says Kenneth Stampe at DanaWeb, who will become the CEO of the combined company.
Optimeo is also looking forward to the merger.
“DanaWeb is the largest player on the market and their approach to digital marketing complements ours on several fronts. We have no doubt that the merger is the next logical step for Optimeo to accelerate growth”, says Silas Ystrøm, co-founder and co-CEO of Optimeo.

The merger allows us to create the leading one-stop shop where we can offer customers precisely the digital marketing solution that is best for them. Thus, we’ll be offering the entire range of services”, says Kuno Ystrøm, who is also co-founder and co-CEO of Optimeo. Both brothers will continue in the new management.

High growth ambitions – also abroad
Although the merger between DanaWeb and Optimeo is just now being revealed, the ambitions of both CataCap, DanaWeb and Optimeo are high. According to CataCap, which owns the majority of the combined company, the plan is to grow both organically and through the right acquisitions both at home and abroad.

Since the first meeting there’s been a great deal of trust between us and we share a common vision for the future. DanaWeb and Optimeo are both serious players in the market, and we see that Kenneth, Silas and Kuno as well as the rest of the employees of the two companies have tremendous drive. That’s why I’m convinced that with the common platform we’re on the path to becoming the preferred marketing partner”, says Rasmus Lokvig.

Together, the management of DanaWeb and Optimeo will own more than 40% of the merged company. The chairman of the new board will be Jens Harsaae, who is also chairman of the translation giant LanguageWire, which entered into partnership with CataCap in 2017 and since then has acquired companies both at home and abroad.

Neither party wishes to disclose the purchase price.

For more information contact:

Rasmus Lokvig, Partner
Tel: +45 23 43 25 74
Mail: rpl@catacap.dk

About CataCap
CataCap invests in small and medium-sized Danish companies which have a significant development potential and an innovative business model with a long-term raison d’être.
Our mission statement is to act as a catalyst for sustainable step changes through a systematic and consistent approach to strengthening business development, operational processes and management competencies in an active interaction with a number of strategic partners and the companies’ management and employees.
CataCap is an active and engaged owner. The systematic hands-on approach to the development of the fund’s companies aims to increase both the speed and durability of the companies’ step changes and thus create long-term value for all stakeholders
– and a stable excess return for investors.

About Optimeo
Optimeo is a professional player in the Danish web development market as well as marketing to small and medium-sized companies. Optimeo comprises 55 employees that service more than 1,000 customers and we focus on creating lasting client relationships by combining a high level of service with measurable results. Our approach to the industry is innovative, while at the same time safeguarding traditional values where “an agreement is an agreement”.

About DanaWeb
With its 130 employees, DanaWeb is Denmark’s largest web agency headquartered in Herlev with sales departments in Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense and a Swedish subsidiary, DanaWeb AB. We provide websites and online marketing, and we are a full-service web agency. That means we are responsible for the whole process from web design, development and hosting to marketing and ongoing consulting. As a customer of DanaWeb, you can expect efficiency, user-friendly products, competitive prices and a focus on good customer service.